• Cobalt Lithium
First Level Second Level Third Level Update Frequency
Price Metal Refined Cobalt Daily
Lithium Metal Daily
Intermediate goods Cobalt Sulfate Daily
Lithium Carbonate Daily
Lithium Hydroxide Daily
Co3O4 Daily
Nickel Sulfate Daily
Manganese Sulfate Daily
Cobalt Chloride Daily
Material Ternary Precursor (523) Daily
Ternary Material (523) Daily
Lithium Iron Phosphate Daily
LMO Daily
LiCoO2 Daily
Capacity Intermediate goods Capacity of Lithium Carbonate Month
Capacity of Lithium Hydroxide Month
Material Capacity of Ternary Precursor Month
Capacity of Ternary Materials Month
Capacity of Lithium Iron Phosphate Month
Capacity of LMO Month
Capacity of LiCoO2 Month
Production Intermediate goods Output of cobalt sulphate Month
Output of lithium carbonate production Month
Output of lithium hydroxide production Month
Output of Cobalt Chloride Month
Output of Co3O4 Month
Material Output of ternary precursor production Month
Output of ternary materials production Month
Output of lithium iron phosphate production Month
Output of LiCoO2 Month
Output of LMO Month
Downstream Lithium battery installed capacity Month
Output of new energy vehicle Month
New energy vehicle sales Month
Output of motive battery Month
Operating Rates Intermediate goods Operating rate of lithium carbonate Month
Operating rate of lithium hydroxide Month
Material Operating rate of ternary precursor Month
Operating rate of ternary materials Month
Operating rate of lithium iron phosphate Month
Operating rate of LMO Month
Operating rate of LiCoO2 Month
Import Cobalt Raw Material Cobalt Ore Imports Month
Cobalt Intermediate Products by Hydrometallurgy Imports Month
Unwrought Cobalt Imports Month
Lithium Raw Material Lithium Ore Imports Month
Lithium concentrate imports Month
Lithium Chloride Imports Month
Balance Intermediate goods Lithium hydroxide balance Month
Lithium carbonate balance Month
Tricobalt tetraoxide balance Month
Cobalt sulphate balance Month
Nickel sulphate balance Month
Material Ternary precursor balance Month