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First Level Second Level Third Level Update Frequency
Nickel Production Domestic Capacity/Output China NPI Output by ProvinceMonth
Sample-Capacity & Output at China NPI ProducersMonth
Sample-China NPI Inventories by ProvinceMonth
Domestic NPI Capacity/Output in ChinaMonth
Domestic Refined Nickel Capacity OutputMonth
Nickel Salt OutputMonth
Sample-Refined Nickel Capacity/OutputMonth
Inventory Refined Nickel Visible InventoriesMonth
Refined Nickel Invisible InventoriesMonth
NPI InventoriesMonth
Costs NPI cash-cost for ore prices at current day(Daily)Daily
NPI Cash Cost(Daily)Daily
NPI Full Cost(Daily)Daily
Imports & Exports Other Nickel Oxide SintersMonth
Refined Nickel Imports & ExportsMonth
Ferronickel/NPI Imports & ExportsMonth
Spot Prices & Spot Premiums/Discounts Premiums/Discounts of High-Grade NPI over Refined NickelDaily
Refined Nickel Import Profit/LossDaily
Price Spread between High-Grade NPI and Imported FerronickelDaily
NPI PricesDaily
Premiums of High-Grade NPI over Scrap Stainless Steel Daily
Refined Nickel Spot Prices & Spot Premiums/DiscountsDaily
Nickel Salt (Nickel Sulfate) PricesDaily
Nickel Processing Inventory Stainless Steel Trading InventoriesMonth
price Stainless Steel Prices in Wuxi by CategoryDaily
Business Survey Stainless Steel Plant OutputMonth
Import & Export Stainless Steel Imports & ExportsMonth
Scrap Material Scrap Stainless Steel Scrap Stainless Steel ImportsMonth
Related Products price NPI Auxiliary Material PricesDaily
High Carbon Ferrochrome PricesDaily
Nickel Ore Import & Export China Nickel Ore Imports by OriginMonth
Nickel Ore ImportsMonth
Philippine Nickel Ore Exports Month
Inventory Nickel Ore Inventories at China Ports Weekly
Spot Price CIF Price for Philippine Laterite Nickel Ore Daily
FOB Price for Philippine Laterite Nickel Ore Daily
Spot Nickel Ore PricesDaily