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First Level Second Level Third Level Update Frequency
Price Ex-works prices at major steel mills Shagang Ten-days
Yonggang Ten-days
Zenith Ten-days
Baosteel Month
Angang Month
Export prices Major steel products Weekly
The national average price Hot-dipped galvanized coil Daily
Medium and heavy plate Daily
CRC Daily
Rebar Daily
HRC Daily
High-line Daily
Market offers Common Cold-Rolled Product Daily
Low-alloy steel plate Daily
Rebar Daily
HRC Daily
Hot-Galvanized Products Daily
Wire rod Daily
Medium and Heavy Plate Daily
Settlement price of Futures Main Contract Rebar Daily
HRC Daily
Iron Ore Daily
Supply-Demand Balance Steel Steel supply-demand Balance Month
Steel Scrap Supply and demand Year
Capacity & Production Production Plans at Major Steel Mills Rebar Month
HRC Month
Wire rod Month
Pig iron Output Pig iron Output Month
Crude Steel Output Average daily output Ten-days
Operating Rates Operating Rate at steel mills Blast furnaces Month
Independent EAF plants Month
Steel mills outsourcing billets Month
Costs and Profit Margins Laid-down costs and profit margins Traders of hot-rolled products Month
Costs and profit margins at steel mills Industry average costs and profit margins Month
Estimates of steel production costs and profit margins(not considering the usage period of raw materials) Daily
Import & Export Import and Export Steel exports by product Month
Steel total imports & exports Month
Inventory Inventories at steel mills Inventories at major steel mills Ten-days
Warehouse inventories of finished steel Weekly
Social inventories Rebar Weekly
Finished steel Weekly
Hot-rolled Weekly
Downstream PMI Construction Month
Automobile Month
Shipbuilding Month
Household Appliance Month
Transportation Month
Machinery Month
Composite Steel-PMI Month