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First Level Second Level Third Level Update Frequency
Zinc Downstream Sectors Company Survey Zinc OxideMonth
Die-Cast Zinc AlloyMonth
Output & Sales China Primary Battery Output (NBS)Month
China Galvanized Plate/Sheet Output (NBS)Month
Import & Export China Monthly Zinc Oxide/Zinc Alloy ExportsMonth
China Monthly Zinc Oxide/Zinc Alloy Imports Month
The Price Of Related Products Prices for Galvanized Plate/Coil and Hot- and Cold-Rolled ProductsDaily
Zinc Oxide PriceDaily
#3 Die-Cast Zinc Alloy PricesDaily
#5 Die-Cast Zinc Alloy PricesDaily
Prices for Sulfuric Acid (98%) by RegionDaily
Zinc Concentrate Company Survey Operating Rates Month
Greenfield/Brownfield ProjectsYear
Output & Sales China Zinc Concentrate Output (NBS)Month
China Zinc Concentrate OutputMonth
Processing Charges SMM Quotes for TCs of Imported Zinc Concentrate Month
TCs of Domestic Zinc Concentrate by RegionWeekly
Traded Price of Zinc Concentrate TCsWeekly
Import & Export Zinc Concentrate ImportsMonth
Inventory Zinc Concentrate Inventories at Chinese Zinc SmeltersMonth
Inventories in LianyungangWeekly
Refined Zinc Output & Sales China Refined Zinc Output (NBS)Month
SMM China Refined Zinc OutputMonth
Import & Export SMM/LME Zinc Price Ratio & Import Profit/LossDaily
Refined Zinc ExportsMonth
Refined Zinc ImportsMonth
Inventory Invisible Inventories at SRB, Zinc Producers and Downstream Producers Month
Visible Inventories (LME)Daily
Invisible Inventories in Shanghai, Guangdong and Tianjin (SMM Survey)Weekly
Visible Inventories (SHFE)Weekly
Company Survey Operating Rates at Chinese Refined Zinc Producers by ScaleMonth
Planned Greenfield/Brownfield Projects at Major Domestic Zinc Producers Year
Spot Prices & Spot Premiums/Discounts SMM Quotes for Zinc PricesDaily
Spot Prices in Shanghai, Guangdong and Tianjin/Price Spread & Premiums/DiscountsDaily
Futures Price SHFE Zinc PricesDaily
LME Zinc PricesDaily