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First Level Second Level Third Level Update Frequency
Price SHFE Tin Open interestDaily
Close price for the most traded SHFE tin contractDaily
Trading volumeDaily
Related Raw Materials SMM #1 SilverDaily
SMM #1 LeadDaily
Tin Powder Tin PowderDaily
Tin Alloy Tin-base Bearing AlloyDaily
Tin Processing Materials Lead-free Tin SolderDaily
Tin Solder Bar (Yunxi)Daily
Tin Compound Sodium StannateDaily
Stannous ChlorideDaily
Stannous SulphateDaily
Stannic Oxide (Yunxi)Daily
Methyl Tin MercaptideDaily
Scrap Tin Environment-friendly tin dross (Guangdong)Daily
Lead-containing tin dross (Guangdong)Daily
Lead-containing tin lump (Guangdong)Daily
Silver-containing tin lump (Guangdong)Daily
Environment-friendly tin lump (Guangdong)Daily
Pure tin lump(Guangdong)Daily
Tin Concentrate by Region GuangxiDaily
Tin Ingot SMM #1 Tin PriceDaily
Inventory Tin Plate Tin-plated sheet inventoryMonth
Refined Tin Visible inventory (SHFE)Weekly
Invisible inventory (stocks at plants)Month
Production Tin-plated Tin-plated sheet salesMonth
Tin-plated sheet outputMonth
Refined Tin China refined tin output (NBS)Month
China refined tin output (SMM)Month
Global refined tin outputYear
Tin Mine Global potential tin ore supplyYear
China tin ore outputMonth
Global tin ore outputYear
Operating Rates Refined Tin Operating rates at China's tin plantsMonth
Import & Export Tin Plate Tin-plated sheet exportsMonth
Tin-plated sheet importsMonth
Tin Materials Babbitt alloy metal exportsYear
Bars, rods, custom shapes, profiles or wire exportsYear
Foil (≤ 0.2mm), powder exportsYear
Tin pipes and pipe fittings exportsYear
Other tin products exportsYear
Tin solder importsYear
Babbitt alloy metal importsYear
Plates, sheets and strips(> 0.2 mm) exportsYear
Other tin alloys exportsYear
Plates, sheets and strips(> 0.2 mm) importsYear
Foil (≤ 0.2mm), powder importsYear
Tin pipes and pipe fittings importsYear
Other tin products importsYear
Tin solder exportsYear
Other tin alloys importsYear
Bars, rods, custom shapes, profiles or wire importsYear
Refined Tin Costs for refined tin importsDaily
Refined tin exportsMonth
Refined tin importsMonth
Costs for refined tin exportsDaily
Tin Mine Tin ore importsMonth
Supply-Demand Balance Refined Tin China market equilibriumYear
Global market equilibriumYear