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First Level Second Level Third Level Update Frequency
Copper Concentrate Company Survey Chinese Copper Mines Cost SurveyYear
Survey of Projects, Production Cut and HaltYear
Processing Charges TC/RCsWeekly
Term Contract TC/RCsHalf-year
Price CoefficientWeekly
Output & Sales China Copper Ore Output (NBS)Month
Refined Copper Company Survey New Blister CopperYear
Newbuild RefiningYear
Copper Smelting and Refinery SurveyMonth
Aggregated Smelting and Refinery DataMonth
Copper Production Cost (Concentrate vs. Scrap)Month
Maintenance at Copper SmeltersYear
Output & Sales China Refined Copper Output(NBS)Month
Copper Cothode OutputMonth
Import & Export ImportsMonth
SHFE/LME Copper Price Ratio & Import Profit/LossDaily
Copper Concentrate ImportsMonth
Yangshan Copper PremiumsDaily
Inventory Invisible Inventories (SMM Survey)Month
Visible Inventories(SHFE)Weekly
Visible Inventories(LME)Daily
Visible Inventories(COMEX)Daily
Spot Prices & Spot Premiums/Discounts Spot Premiums|Shanghai|East China|South China|North ChinaDaily
Copper Processing Company Survey Survey of Copper Rod ProducersMonth
Survey of Copper Tube ProducersMonth
Survey of Copper Plate/Sheet and Strip ProducersMonth
Survey of Copper Wire & Cable ProducersMonth
Copper Rod Expansion ProjectYear
Copper Tube Expansion ProjectsYear
Copper Plate/Sheet and Strip Expansion ProjectsYear
Inventory Days at Copper Smelters and FabricatorsMonth
China Copper Semis Output(NBS)Month
Aggregated Copper Wire & Cable Producers dataMonth
Aggregated Copper Rod Producers DataMonth
Aggregated Copper Plate/Sheet and Strip Producers dataMonth
Aggregated Copper Tube Producers dataMonth
Scrap Copper China Scrap Copper Price by Region China Scrap Copper Price by RegionDaily
Price Spread between Refined and Scrap Copper Price SpreadDaily
Related Products price Sulfuric Acid (98%) Prices by RegionDaily